Need Help With a House Moving Mortgage?

Need Help With a House Moving Mortgage?

House Moving Mortgage Services

With over decades of combined mortgage expertise, Mortgage Selectors provide a wide array of mortgage products tailored for individuals in the midst of house relocation.

Having previously owned property, you are already familiar with the home-buying process. However, it’s important to note that several years may have elapsed since your last property purchase. Navigating the simultaneous sale and purchase of properties presents a unique experience, different from your initial foray into homeownership as a First Time Buyer.

Relocating And Securing The Right Mortgage

Because your peace of mind matters to us.

In our mortgage service, we can engage in discussions regarding the available options with your current lender and other lenders in the market.

We can offer guidance on the costs associated with property buying and selling, including stamp duty, solicitors’ fees for both buying and selling, estate agent commissions, and valuation/survey fees. These expenses can accumulate significantly.

How our mortgage service can assist you during a house move:

We can help determine the maximum amount you can borrow and calculate projected monthly expenses.

We can obtain a preliminary Agreement/Decision, enabling swift progress when identifying a suitable property.

We will assist you in completing the mortgage application and managing the necessary documentation.

We will liaise with relevant parties, such as estate agents, solicitors, and builders, to keep them informed about the application’s progress.

Transitioning from selling your current property to buying a new one can be a highly stressful period, even when proceedings go smoothly. Challenges can emerge, especially in intricate scenarios involving multiple buyers and sellers (referred to as a ‘chain’). This complexity can escalate if someone within the chain withdraws from their sale or purchase. In such situations, our experienced team can provide advice based on years of expertise to guide you through the necessary steps.

In the unfortunate event of a chain breakdown, if desired, we can take the initiative to communicate with solicitors, estate agents, valuers, and lenders on your behalf. Our aim is to ensure that all feasible measures are taken to finalize the sale of your property and facilitate the acquisition of your new home.

We communicate using straightforward language, avoiding jargon.

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